Helical Diffraction Simulator

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Own power spectrum (.hdf, .mrc, .jpg, .png, max 5MB) can be uploaded here for comparison. If not, just the simulated spectrum will be plotted.

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Helical symmetry parameters are used to simulate a helical diffraction pattern. The layer lines are computed based on helical diffraction theory (Cochran, 1952)
A power spectrum can be uploaded (e.g. as .hdf or .mrc) and will be plotted alongside for comparison. Note that the correct pixelsize (corresponds to 0.5*Nyquist) in Angstrom is needed for correct alignment.
We assume that the upload is a square image. Uploads larger than 5 MB are not permitted. Please If no power spectrum is uploaded, just the simulation will be shown.

This tool (Author: Stefan Huber, 2017) is based on the program 'seglayer2lattice' from the SPRING software.
SPRING can be found here:


For questions and help please contact: carsten.sachse@embl.de